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What Makes our Christmas Trees Special?

The preferred Christmas Tree in our part of the world which includes: Idaho, eastern Washington and Oregon, and western Montana is the Grand fir. This tree is often selected to adorn homes at Christmas time because of its beautiful foliage that has such a wonderful scent. The members of this organization are especially fortunate to have a Grand fir orchard that provides premium seed for producing trees that are beautifully shaped and have glossy dark needles that stay on a tree longer than most. Trees grown from this select seed are what make the Grand fir trees from the Inland Empire Christmas Tree Association members so special.

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NWChristmasTreeFarms.com is the official website for the Inland Empire Christmas Tree Association (I.E.C.T.A.), a collaboration of tree growers from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington who have gathered together to share information and stay up-to-date on leading trends and technology. Browse our farms below or try our locator map.

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